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Who we are

hi5 Ventures is a Kyiv based Venture Capital firm investing in Early Stage Eastern European Tech companies, empowering them with a hands-on approach & access to Tier-1 EU/US investors.
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About us

hi5 Ventures is a team of Venture Capital experts with significant experience in entrepreneurship, advisory and portfolio management.
Andrew Kryvorchuk
General Partner
Leon Podobedov
General Partner

We respect

Honesty and consider it as the ultimate road to success.

We don't pretend

To be different from our true selves and expect founders to stick to the same approach.

Our Vision

People first. Money Second.
Execution - always.

Our Mission

To help young entrepreneurs turn their MVPs into successful global businesses.


Clarity & Precision

We believe that the ability to express thoughts clearly / briefly is one of the keys to success.

Revenue is king

We evaluate any business in the context of its potential to generate revenue. And its founder - in the context of the ability to find new sources of revenues and maintain their growth.

Practical working style

We are available and open to all portfolio companies. We are informal but pragmatic. Tolerant of mistakes but intolerant of the poor execution.

We don't work with assholes

Life is too short to work with someone, who doesn’t behave as a partner. Even if he / she has the best expertise / potential in the world.






Over the years in business and investments, we have managed to build a strong partnership ecosystem with thousands of contacts worldwide. That empowers our portfolio companies.
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